A Summery Summary

It’s over. Just like that Autumn is here and with the change of season comes reflection.

We’ve had more new members join us since January than there have been scorching days this summer. It is always wonderful to meet new makers, read their stories, share their passions and see what makes them tick. We just wish we could share something about all 316 of them!

So let us bid farewell to summer, it’s beachy days, pretty flowers and hot nights with five sellers that remind us of the season passed.

Hello Hello Shop AU


Swoon! These guys make BIG impact art prints to make space feel loved! If you’re not ready to say goodbye to summer, no need…. Have that shimmering water on your walls all year round!

Louise De Masi


Louise is a super talented illustrator who has a real passion for watercolours, she has a knack of painting things that look so real you might want to touch them. Aren’t these just beautiful? See her whole collection in her shop and grab and original for yourself or a friend today.

Parva Skincare


This refreshing scent sounds pretty tasty, but don’t be fooled, it’s for beards! All products are hand poured and made with the finest organic ingredients and essential oils. Perfect for those friends who have everything, be they beardy or not.

Om Nom Cheese Making


Do you find yourself dreaming of living in Greece eating Feta cheese? No? Just me? Well now you can make your slice of the Mediterranean…and eat it all year round! These awesome kits come with everything you need including speciality ingredients to learn the basics and become a pro.

Stylish Paper Shop


If you don’t have a green thumb you could fill your home with summer flowers of a different variety, how fun is this oversized paper flower? A gorgeous bright piece to bring outside in. Handcrafted with love they create paper pretties for all occasions.

So let’s give Autumn the mellow warm welcome it deserves and may it bring lots more new faces and handcrafted things for us all to enjoy.

(Oh and apples, because who doesn’t love apples)


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