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It’s natural, breathable and eco-friendly, so why wouldn’t you get excited?! The days are over when linen is something you solely found in your grandmother’s cupboard. Linen is here like it’s never been here before… and friends, it’s sure here to stay!

Linen is a perfect material for Summer because it is exceptionally cool and fresh in hot and humid weather. So fortunately we’re seeing it everywhere.

We asked four awesome, local designers who use linen frequently in their range why they create with it, and the how and why you should incorporate linen into your wardrobe and home!


You have long designed with linen, even before it was a massive trend. Is there anything in particular that attracted you to it?

Osha: “My love of linen came about from my Grandma giving me all her amazing old vintage pieces and finding similar treasures op shopping. 
Having all these classics in beautiful quality linen and adding how incredible a sustainable fiber it is, made me want to create pieces with a similar vibe that will be in your wardrobe for years to come.”

Little Crow Design

Your designs are beautiful and natural. Why is it important to have natural fibers in our home?

Georgie: “Linen has so many amazing qualities that make it perfect for home-wares – it can look delicate but is really tough and will live on for-nearly-ever, it improves with washing, a heavyweight upholstery linen brings a down to earth luxury and texture, it’s biodegradable should you wish to add it to your compost! But most of all, filling my home with natural fibres connects me with the natural world of which I am part. It may sound fluffy, but in this busy world of worry, it is good for my soul to touch and feel this perfectly imperfect fibre.”

Indigo thread wares

We know you have a love for linen and natural fibers. We absolutely loved your printed Australiana Botanical designs, so we’re excited to hear what’s in store for you next. Can you fill us in?

Katelyn: “Yes I absolutely love natural fibres, especially linen. It looks and feels amazing. You can get away with not ironing it (win!), and it decomposes once the products life is over which is very important to me. 

This year I think I’ll be designing a few styles in plain linen and some simple designs screen-printed onto linen. I’ll be saving the more colourful designs to be digitally printed onto cotton. I’d love to expand my clothing range this year from just tops and dress to also include jackets, pants and skirts. You will see plenty of garments with a simple shape and fun-loving prints always inspired by the beautiful Aussie landscape around me. I have such fun creating these products and I’m so glad you guys love them too!”

Maya me

We love that you have incorporated linen into kids-wear. As a mum, what benefits do you find when Maya wears linen?

Sheeren:  “Linen is a go to on every hot summers day. I love the way it looks when crushed and worn in, I love that it’s a tough fabric especially through all the fun rough play, but most especially I know that I’m putting the best fabric that’s gentle and cool on my daughters skin.”


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