Who Made my Textiles? Meet Katy of Shiztastic

Hello, I am Katy Dee! Designer and maker behind Shiztastic – A print based label making fun, bold and bright Textiles. I love camping, op shopping and making things as well as enjoying good food and drinks with friends.

I recently sat down with the other Team Leaders and we thought we should share a little bit more about what makes us tick and find out WHO is behind the brands….

…here’s some quick-fire questions I asked Katy of Shiztastic.

FAV podcast? Casefile, wowee, mamamia out loud, lady start up

Why do you hand make? I have always loved creating things, the feeling of knowing you have made something from scratch is so empowering! I cant imagine not making things.

Favourite thing about running your own business?Meeting people at markets and connecting with like minded creatives, being part of this fabulous creative community we have.

Biggest inspiration?COLOUR. PRINT. PATTERN.

Fav coffee shop in Sydney / or fav shop?Ooh tough one, probably my local cafe: Bellagio on charing cross road in Bronte.

Tell us about your making process? What tools/materials/equipment do you use? All the prints in my current collection are hand drawn and painted. Beginning often as painted sheets of paper and collages, all artwork is then scanned, turned into digital illustrations and repeat prints of different scales and styles before being made into a variety of products such as scarves and cushions.

What handmade means to you?It pretty much means everything, I love to create whether that be in the kitchen or making a card or gift for someone. I don’t think you can recreate that special connection you get with handmade products.

Song that motivates you the most?Fleetwood Mac: Go your own way.

What you wish you knew when you first started? Oh so many things! This business is still relativley new to me so I am learning things all the time, especially with new areas such as wholesale and tax. I wish I had been more savvy with accounting from the beginning as that is something I struggle with, the better prepared you can be to begin with is always ideal!

Where do you get your inspiration from? I am inspired by all things kitsch, playful and bright and am drawn to botanical elements, op shop gold and above all, colour. I love to get out into nature to be inspired, camping and walks in forests are often my biggest inspiration, I do seem to have a floral obsession and I love to be by the water.

Shiztastic is a textiles and print based label by Katy Dee. Her prints are quirky, fun and playful. This collection of scarves, accessories and home wares are statements of colour that show a lust for life, will bring a smile to your face, and fun to your heart and home.  She is inspired by all things kitsch, playful and bright and is drawn to botanical elements, op shop gold and above all, colour.



Complied by Lauren of Ayana Jewellery

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