Who Made my Jewellery? Meet Claire of Wryght Designs

My favourite things include spreadsheets, cats, tea and my bright blue 1984 Kombi van. I’m originally from Yorkshire, but have lived in Sydney since 2009. I’m an accountant by day but jewellery keeps the creative half of my brain happy. Like many creative entrepreneurs I learned my skills as part of a hobby project. Then passion took over and I’ve been transforming ideas into metal shapes ever since.

Claire is the president of the Sydney Made volunteer group….

…here’s some quick-fire questions I asked Claire of Wryght Designs about her and her jewellery.

FAV podcast? Heart-Centred Business Podcast by Tash Corbin

Why do you hand make? There’s a feeling that comes from seeing through something made from scratch, whether that’s homecooked meals, amateur art or jewellery.

Favourite thing about running your own business? Being able to make your own decisions and follow what inspired you. I decided two years ago that I didn’t enjoy soldering, so I stopped and created a range that doesn’t require soldering. It it so empowering to have your own business and be able to adapt to decisions immediately.

Biggest inspiration?Nature versus manmade in the urban landscape – the textures, the layering and the juxtaposition. Think ivy growing on walls, erosion from the waves on rock pools, when leaves get imprinted onto new pavements.

Fav coffee shop in Sydney / or fav shop?Pickled in Potts Point and Cornersmith in Marrickville. I love pickles and everything pickled (except eggs and eels – yuck).

What handmade means to you?Handmade is about connecting with the story and the person behind the product. Every maker I know invests a little part of themselves into every part of their work, it’s both unmistakeable passion and unbelievable love.

Best piece if advice you can give to other makers?Find where your passion meets your tribe and then find a way to make it nique in your special way. In other words carve out your niche and then dominate it.

What you wish you knew when you first started? Everything is part of an evolution. Somedays you evolve faster than others but each is a step towards growing both your business and yourself. And this evolution can’t be rushed, there are many things to learn along the way.

Where do you create from? I work from my home studio with occasional supervision from my cat Collie (he has the same black and white markings as a Border Collie). It started as a corner in the spare bedroom of a two bedroom unit, but slowly it’s taking up more and more space and becoming known as ‘the studio’ officially.

What inspires you to make/where do you get your inspiration from? The concepts of my design percolate while I’m busy doing something else and often they don’t always work out in practice. But I’m a problem solver by nature, so those concepts become unique ideas when it isn’t going to plan and I’m improvising.

Wryght Designs create beautiful and adaptable jewellery basics influenced by the textures of the urban environment and with a passion for sustainability. My signature trio of recycled silver, copper and brass bring a modern twist to balance the geometric asymmetry found in each piece.



Complied by Lauren of Ayana Jewellery

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